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Observations on how social connectivity is changing the workplace. And the world. Views expressed here are my own.
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The debate over whether social software can and should replace email continues, with an example from IBM added to the known example of the Atos campaign to end internal emails.

I had the good fortune of meeting John at the recent Jive Northeast User Group event. He was very clear about how he sells the importance of a more social, collaborative Intranet, evidenced by the excerpt below.


“We’re very busy with clients. We don’t have time for other things.” “How much does it cost? We’re very focused on profitability.”

Towards the end, I made it personal.

I asked people in the branch how they would know about great jobs in other branches. And how would anyone besides their manager know about them and their skills?

There was a pause. A young woman answered, somewhat wistfully, “Some people work in the same branch for 30 years.”

So I talked about how collaborating online makes their work visible. How it gives them control over their reputation – who they are, what they do, and how well they do it – and unlocks access to good jobs.

Source: John Stepper

Even though I’m not a CEO (yet!) I feel the same way about the way I’ve been able to get to better know my company and the people that work here.